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Should I Use A Free Legal Document Found Online?

The ever-increasing cost of quality legal counsel has made legal decision-making especially difficult, or impossible, for the average individual or business owner/manager in Idaho. As a result, many people turn to free online documents to provide a “good enough” solution to their needs in business law, nonprofit law, probate and estate planning and general litigation.

Five Ways A Free Document Can Harm You

These documents can do more harm than good. We routinely see clients who have created legal difficulties for themselves by using a free online document that failed to accomplish their goals. The cost of correcting what went wrong usually outweighs the cost of doing it right in the first place.

  1. You may select the wrong form for your situation.
  2. You may not truly know your rights.
  3. You may leave out vital contractual language.
  4. You may not be able to tailor the document to your individual needs.
  5. You may not draft a document that is valid for local or state laws.

Even bright, capable and independent individuals who are used to a do-it-yourself approach can run into trouble by misunderstanding a basic contract or omitting a crucial detail. When you work face-to-face with an experienced, local attorney, these mistakes and oversights can often be avoided. You can establish a recurring business relationship with an attorney who knows your needs, your mission and your goals and can better advise you.

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