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Business Attorneys In Coeur d’Alene

Many of our clients tell us that they have been unsuccessful in securing a lawyer to advise them on business matters because they simply cannot afford the fees. They opt for self-help websites and download documents hoping for the best. Unfortunately, the large corporations they deal with can afford to have attorneys available day and night to answer questions and provide legal support. If you are a small business, having a big law firm at your beck and call is usually not an option.

We hear you. Local business owners need accessible, ongoing legal counsel to properly start and operate their businesses.

Robinson Law, PLLC Quality Legal Services For Your Business

We offer quality, “large firm” legal services, on an à la carte or ongoing basis, to businesses and individuals. You do not have to compromise on knowledge, skill or communication.

At Robinson Law, PLLC, we understand the issues businesses of all types face and how to resolve them. We can assist you with the following types of business law and management matters:

  • Entity formation, and drafting and filing the appropriate legal documents
  • Real-time business counsel and helping resolve management problems
  • Short- and long-term business planning to obtain measured and sustainable growth
  • Administrative or employment issues with employees
  • General employment law questions and employee/employer rights counsel
  • Drafting employee handbooks
  • Negotiating property leases, purchases and sales
  • Performing risk assessments and identifying potential liability issues from an insurance defense perspective
  • Operating administrative plans and assessing their risks
  • Drafting contracts and reviewing offers for the sale and purchase of assets
  • Purchasing or selling a business or franchise

While we provide a wide range of services depending on your business’s needs, our à la carte, unbundled legal fees often provide a more affordable option for our small business clients, while still offering the the high-quality legal help that they need.

Contact Robinson Law, PLLC And Speak With A Coeur d’Alene Business Lawyer About How We Can Help Your Business Succeed.

We understand business management. We understand finance. And, we understand that good management on all levels is the key to the long-term financial success of your business. For a consultation, please call 208-292-3934 or contact us by email to arrange a convenient time. We represent clients throughout Idaho.