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Estate Planning Attorneys In Idaho

At Robinson Law, PLLC, our attorneys create an individualized plan for you based on your unique financial, health, and family circumstances.

Wills And Trusts In Coeur d’Alene And Boise

Wills allow you to specify who will receive your assets after you die and who will be in charge of managing your estate. Wills don’t have to be complicated, but it is crucial that they accomplish your goals for them to be effective. Many people have turned to online form builders or do-it-yourself programs to prepare their estate planning documents to save money. While these options seem appealing because of their cheaper price tag, the downfall is that it may not accomplish your goals– and that uncertainty is a major downfall. One of the benefits of hiring an attorney to prepare your estate planning documents is the consultation and explanation that we provide during the process to help you understand the choices you have and explaining your documents to you to ensure they accomplish your goals.

Trusts are a bit more complicated than wills and thus are more costly, but trusts have many features and benefits that wills do not. Many middle class families assume that the value of their estate is not large enough to justify spending money on a trust– but this may not be true for all family situations. Some of the many benefits of trusts include avoiding probate or protecting assets for your children in the event your spouse remarries after your death or if they become incapacitated.  Trusts can also be a great option for blended families or for couples who have separate property.

Regardless of your asset level, a custom estate plan is often crucial for keeping family harmony in tact. Clear instructions for your loved ones gives you peace of mind, and will relieve some of the burdens for your family and friends that will inevitably follow after your passing.

Robinson Law, PLLC‘s central office is located in Coeur d’Alene with a satellite office in Boise. Our attorneys provide estate planning services in either location.

Guidance And Counsel On Powers Of Attorney Forms

Powers of Attorney provide instructions and name a trusted person to care for your financial and medical matters. Powers of attorney are powerful documents and it is essential that you understand what they are for and how they work. While powers of attorney forms are available online (often for free), the benefit of hiring an attorney to assist you with completing one is the consultation that accompanies its preparation. At Robinson Law, PLLC, we provide counsel for you to understand these decisions and ultimately to feel peace about the choices you have made.

Special Pricing For Estate Planning For First Responders Residing In Idaho

Robinson Law, PLLC offers special pricing to active or retired first responders to say “THANK YOU!” for your service. Please mention your past or present service during your consultation.

Estate Planning Consultations

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